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Posted on Apr 27, 2015 in Men's Dental Health

You Don’t Have To Be Ashamed Of Your Teeth

stopDo you cover up your smile – put your hand in front of your face or hold your lip down so people don’t see what’s happening with your teeth?

Research has confirmed what we’ve known all along: that “intense embarrassment due to poor dental status or perceived neglect, often with fear of negative social evaluation as chief complaint”, is extremely common among people suffering with dental phobia (Moore et al, 2004).

This is the vicious circle of dental phobia: whatever caused the phobia initially (be it painful or traumatic experiences, hurtful remarks, or something else) leads to avoidance, which in turn means no access to professional dental care, usually resulting in poorer oral health, and at some stage the results of this “neglect” are perceived to be so embarrassing that it’s totally impossible to see a dentist, even when in pain. If shame, embarrassment and guilt are keeping you away from seeing a dentist, you’ve got plenty of company!

First of all – it’s highly unlikely that  we haven’t seen teeth which are far worse than you feel yours might be.

Brit Phillips DDS says you would be pleasantly surprised at how simple dental fixes can be, whether it’s removing and replacing a tooth, or an entire upper and lower set of teeth. Dr. Phillips is a trained, caring dentist who wants to help people who are experiencing problems with their teeth and gums. Whether you are missing all of your teeth, need denture or implant repair, Dr. Phillips is

If you are embarrassed about your teeth in even the least way, please call Brit Phillips Fort Worth dentist today. Dr. Phillips is empathetic with all dental situations. You can read what other patients have said about his manner. Don’t prolong getting help another minute! You’ve come to the right place.