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invisalign-couples2Tips For A Picture Perfect Smile on Your Wedding Day

Want a wedding day picture perfect smile? Wedding day photos are such an important but time consuming part of the wedding day. From the moment you begin getting ready until long into the night you’re being bombarded with a camera. Sometimes it’s difficult to smile on cue. So here a few tips to create the perfect smile.

The key is really practice, practice, practice. Preferably in a mirror because your smile doesn’t always look the way it feels.

1. Relax your face.
2. Frame your teeth. In other words, don’t smile so wide that your gums are showing or so small you can’t see your teeth.
3. Think of something that makes you happy like your first kiss as a married couple.
4. Ta-Da a sincere, perfect smile.

Unfortunately, we all were not born with even, perfect teeth. And we understand that you wouldn’t want to walk down the isle wearing braces. Thankfully, we don’t have to anymore! Invisalign is the new alternative to braces that allows brides (and their grooms) to inconspicuously straighten our teeth during the days leading up to our special moment. Invisalign works while you are working. Unlike stuffing the invitations in envelopes, or creating a menu I don’t have to do anything while it works. Unlike braces, it’s unobtrusive to your smile and it can even be taken out for wedding photos.

This bride and groom both decided to use Invisalign to get that wedding day picture perfect smile. Watch the video of their shared experience with Invisalign before their wedding day.

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