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we fix bad dentistry

Many people dread going to the dentist. The one consolation is that they can usually be assured that the procedure will help them in the long run and is beneficial to their overall dental health.

Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Instances of substandard dentistry causing problems or exacerbating existing problems are common. However, we all have a right to great dental care. Thankfully, it is possible to fix most of the problems that subpar dentistry causes.

If you have been negatively impacted by poor dental work, we can guide you through many options for solving these problems.

Why does substandard dentistry happen?

Many instances of subpar dentistry occur due to poorly done cosmetic dentistry procedures. The American Dental Association doesn’t recognize cosmetic dentistry as a specialty, so no additional training is needed to perform these services and dentists are automatically licensed to perform them.

Cosmetic dentistry is also difficult to define because many procedures toe the line between being practical and cosmetic in function. Dr. Brit Phillips has spent a great deal of time repairing failed cosmetic work of other dentists.

What are the most common botched dentistry jobs?

When patients get veneers for their teeth, especially if they are done at different times, the new veneers may not match the thickness or whiteness of the old ones. It is also common to have veneers which do not fully match the color of the surrounding teeth. Poorly done veneers can also fall off, leaving an embarrassing tooth exposed and causing pain and other potential hazards.

Poor bonding technique is also a common problem among dentists who are not properly trained in cosmetic dentistry. The bonding may not match the color of the surrounding teeth and can look gray or brown. This is caused by the color of the underlying tooth showing through the bonding material. Bonds and veneers can also look different under different types of light, so a dentist may do a procedure in the office which looks completely different in natural outdoor lighting. Trained cosmetic dentists have experience in opaquing techniques which can reduce these issues, but many dentists do not and so try to improvise with the knowledge they do have, leading to unpleasant-looking teeth.

Botched implants are even more harmful, because not only do they cause unwanted cosmetic effects, they can lead to infection and extreme pain. Poorly done implants can cause pain by interfering with a person’s bite.

Ill-fitting dentures are another common complaint. Precise measurements are required to prevent ill-fitting dentures. Brit Phillips, DDS goes above and beyond to ensure our patients’ denture sets are comfortable and perfectly shaped.

Root canals can also fail for a variety of reasons. The seal may not be properly keeping contaminants out, leading to infection or further tooth decay. Likewise, the tooth may not have been properly cleaned before the procedure. Root canals are tricky because a tooth can have more canals than expected or canals that branch out, and these are hard for dentists to identify. If they are not identified, the canals can remain untreated and lead to pain and damage.

What can patients do who’ve had bad dental experiences?

If the dentist who provided the subpar dental service is not helpful in resolving your concern, call local dentist Brit Phillips, DDS. Dr. Phillips can evaluate the situation and advise you on the best course of action.

We want patients to have healthy teeth and be happy with their service. While patients may not want to undergo a full second treatment, it can be crucial for your dental health to get dental issues fixed.

In cases of extremely poor dentistry or a particularly difficult tooth, further treatment may be needed. In these cases; such as a failed root canal or cracked tooth, the tooth may need to be extracted fully and replaced. While this is costly, time-consuming, and painful, it is sometimes the only option. Leaving a poorly treated or cracked tooth can lead to recurring infection, pain, and difficulty eating throughout the patient’s lifetime.

Dr. Phillips has the expertise to fix problems caused by substandard cosmetic dentistry. With some effort, patient’s pain and aesthetics can be restored. More importantly, Brit Phillips DDS will restore your faith in dentistry. Please call us at 817-361-1999 if you’ve had a bad dental experience. Let’s get you back on the road to oral wellness!