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Brit Phillips, DDS Fort Worth wants to make dental consultations even more convenient by offering virtual smile consultations. Direct patient care is still necessary of course, but embracing this new technology gives patients a quick reply on dental questions. The online tool is so easy to use – simply upload photos of different angles of your mouth and tell Dr. Phillips what you’d like to achieve. Dr. Phillips either calls or emails you (according to your preference) with an open discussion on what it would take to obtain your smile goals. You never have to leave your chair from wherever you are. 
By offering this convenient digital dental service to existing or potential new patients, Brit Phillips DDS felt the community would appreciate the ability to tackle many of their dental needs from home or work.
Patients looking for a new dentist currently have to pour through Internet searches, recommendations from family and friends, or select dentists from a list of PPO providers. However, now prospective patients can get a virtual consult and decide based on the virtual response, if they want to go ahead and make an appointment for an office visit.
Brit Phillips DDS is continually looking for ways to be more efficient and provide extra convenience for the patients he serves. Ready to give our virtual smile consult a try? Click <a href=”https://bestdentistsfortworth.com/mira-vista-smiles-virtual-smile-consult/”>here</a> to get started!