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There is a lot of tourist attractions and things to do in Fort Worth, Texas to make a memorable trip and get to know the city at the same time. The variety of things to do starts with great shopping and museums that all large cities have to offer.

One of the most popular features in Fort Worth is the extensive network of bike trails and pedestrian walking and running trails. The network stretches for miles in and around the city and even into many of the neighboring towns. The folks that run the city government demonstrated that they are committed to making the city more than a place to just drive a car when they developed these paths, and residents are hopeful that the system will be extended even further in the coming years.

You can spend a fun day learning all about downtown Fort Worth by taking a sculpture tour. There are over 30 different and unique sculptures in downtown Fort Worth that are available to the public to see. It would be quite a walk, but you can see all of them in one day, and you’ll learn quite a bit about where Dallas has been, where it is now and where it’s going.

Best Things to Do in Fort Worth, Texas

Golf is extremely popular in the Fort Worth city. There are dozens of championship caliber courses in Dallas, including one course that annually holds a PGA event. If you’re looking for a good tee time or just a place to hit some golf balls, you won’t have to go far in this city.

Sixth Floor Museum & JFK Memorial
Of all the tourist attractions sites in Fort Worth, this is the most popular. The museum commemorates the life of President John F. Kennedy. It is located on the sixth floor of what used to be the Texas School Book Depository.

Frontiers of Flight Museum
This is a unique site that will render fun for the entire family. There are various special displays, artifacts, and exhibits of different specifications. This includes planes of all shapes, functions and technological levels, as well as spacecraft vehicles.

Shopping at the Galleria
Many of the most prominent stars in the country take frequent trips to the Galleria, which houses some great shops and stores. Whether you are looking for new fashion clothing or gadget, or just want to hang out and wait for your chance to see a possibly famous passerby, the Galleria is among the fun things to do in Dallas during an afternoon.

The New Cowboys Stadium
The new Dallas Cowboys stadium is a monument to everything that is sports and specifically football in Texas. That means that grandeur is the word of the day, and the billion dollar stadium will make quite a site. Take a trip and a quick tour around the facility, or if possible check out a game or another event.

Sculpture Center and Art
This site has various sculptures and is one of the top tourist attractions in Fort Worth, Texas. Besides, there is a wide variety of other public art exhibits throughout downtown Fort Worth. Just walking around you are bound to find something interesting, such as Fountain Place, with hundreds of fantastic fountains.

The Stockyards
If you ever pretended you were in the Wild West as a child, the Fort Worth Stockyards National Historic District is the place for you. Here, you can revisit those childhood fantasies while riding on a mechanical bull or dress the part with authentic cowboy gear. Along with the food and drink, there is a rodeo as a recurring event as well as live concerts that come and go. It is a beautiful place to spend time with the family or go out at night with your friends.

Chowing Down Texan Style
Speaking of food, Texas is known for its delicious barbecue. Railhead Smokehouse Bar-B-Q and La Familia are great places to visit because not only are you served with delicious and inexpensive barbecue, their super friendly and accommodating services have come to embody the state’s warm hospitality.

It is clear that there are all kinds of things to do at the tourist attractions in Fort Worth, Texas. Whether you are going on a family trip, need to kill some time on a business trip or are just trying to get away for a few days, you can take advantage of any or all of these things to help round out your schedule.