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The New Technology of Teledentistry

If you are reluctant to go to the dentist, imagine how hard it is for patients with special needs or elderly in nursing homes. Another issue is distance: people living in rural areas rarely get access to a dentist, and almost never have the possibility of choice. This can change significantly with the spread of teledentistry.

Dr. Brit Phillips has been offering Teledentistry services of sorts to provide easier access to oral and dental care for some time now. This technology allow patients to provide information digitally and allows Dr. Phillips to assess and respond digitally. For instance, our teledentistry service allows patients to capture images, send relevant information to Dr. Phillips remotely and do a live consult. He will then follow up with the patient and/or the caregiver and bring them into the office if necessary based on the digital presentation.

As remote care’s importance swelled during the pandemic, teledentistry is also picking up steam and authorities are responding accordingly. The American Dental Association issued a policy on teledentistry that offers guidance on the modalities that such services can follow. This sets the pace in making teledentistry a general practice.

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