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Summer Brides Can Straighten Teeth Before Wedding



The Invisalign® Brand sponsored “Smile Ever After” Survey Also Reveals That 92 Percent Of Brides Rank Their Smile As Their Most Important Wedding-Day Accessory

SAN JOSE, Calif., (May 1, 2014) – The word “selfie” is hugely popular among teenagers – and it’s now resonating with many new brides. A recent Wakefield Research survey commissioned by the makers of Invisalign® has discovered that 40 percent of brides say that the first wedding photo they posted or will post to social media was or will be a “selfie.” This popular “close up” and often “revealing” style of capturing life’s memorable moments is a welcome trend for the Invisalign treatment that has helped thousands of brides improve their smile before walking down the aisle.

“We see more and more brides posting their smiles and sharing milestones along the way with friends, family and the world – long before they even say ‘I do!’” says nationally-recognized and recently engaged lifestyle expert Justine Santaniello. “For those brides-to-be who may be less than happy with their smile, my advice is to plan ahead for major beauty boosters, like straightening your teeth, which provides life long advantages that are more than just visible in a photo.”

Prepping for wedding photos can be a lengthy process and one that a large percentage of brides wish they had invested more time and effort into before their big day. The “Smile Ever After” survey also found that 89 percent of recently married women wished they looked better in their wedding photos and 87 percent felt they needed more time to prepare themselves to look their best on their wedding day.

Invisalign treatments offer options perfect for all types of teeth straightening issues so that every bride can walk down the aisle with a more confident smile by their wedding day. Invisalign can treat mild crowding and gaps, to more severe problems like over bite or under bite.

The “Smile Ever After” online survey polled 500 U.S. recently engaged or recently married women ages 18 and over between March 6-14, 2014. This online survey also revealed:

  • The Best Wedding Day Beauty Accessory. Whether in a “selfie” or not, 92 percent of brides agree that a smile is the most important accessory a bride can showcase on her big day.
  • Camera-Ready Coaching Please! Recently married women also think a little coaching could have helped with 96 percent wishing someone had given them tips before taking photos on their wedding day. These include: “Practice your ‘posed’ smile in the mirror” (51%); “Take some silly photos (48%)”; “Refresh your makeup between photos” (46%); and, “Keep your head up and remember to smile when you walk down the aisle” (43%).
  • Photoshop to the Rescue. Despite all the preparation and meticulous smile practice, some photos just don’t turn out well. Seventy-three percent (73%) of brides would Photoshop some area of their wedding-related photos, including their complexion (42%), their body (36%) and their teeth (36%).

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