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Salivary DNA Tests

Introducing Celsus One Tests From OralDNA Labs

We are proud to introduce our Celsus One salivary DNA tests to evaluate gene markers related to inflammatory response.

This powerful information is conveyed in rich reports. Your genes have something to say about inflammation. We test 8 gene markers associated with increased risk and severity of periodontal disease, diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

These tests help us personalize therapy by:

• Establishing which patients are at risk before clinical signs and symptoms appear

• Determining which patients may require more aggressive treatment and optimizing timing of recare appointments.

Salivary testing by OralDNA is changing the way Dr. Phillips’ practices dentistry. For the first time we can use laboratory testing — not just clinical observation — to help diagnose periodontal disease. This test enables us to know which type of bacteria among dozens of possibilities is causing the disease. That in turn allows us to design a treatment plan customized to each patient and produces a much higher rate of successful outcomes. In effect, this test is helping us save more patients from the tooth loss and other dental damage that can occur with periodontal disease.”

Collecting a sample is quickly and easily administered chairside, and takes about a minute to complete. Here’s the process:

  1. Patient vigorously swishes and gargles a saline solution for 30 seconds
  2. Patient expectorates into funneled collection tube
  3. Funnel is removed, cap is secured to top of collection tube
  4. Includes standard FedEx® overnight shipping to OralDNA® Labs for DNA-PCR analysis
  5. E-mail notification is sent to us when your electronic result report is available

For more information on how salivary DNA tests can help you, contact your dentist in Fort Worth Brit Phillips DDS today!