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Salivary diagnostics have become very progressive. Brit Phillips DDS, a Fort Worth dentist,  offers this technology to his patients in an effort to provide the best dental care possible. Dr. Phillips is a registered OralDNA Labs® Test Provider. Salivary DNA tests are used to personalize prescription and dosing decisions.

Collecting a sample is quickly and easily administered chairside, and takes about a minute to complete. Here’s the process:

Patient vigorously swishes and gargles a saline solution for 30 seconds
Patient expectorates into funneled collection tube
Funnel is removed, cap is secured to top of collection tube
Includes standard FedEx® overnight shipping to OralDNA® Labs for DNA-PCR analysis
E-mail notification is sent to clinician when electronic result report is available

View a DNA DrugMap™ Test Information and Sample Report.

Drug metabolism affects your health and well-being:

• 90% of all FDA-approved drugs are metabolized by one or more of the CYP450 enzymes
• DNA DrugMap™ tests identify genetic variations that predict changes in enzyme activity
• Health professionals can use this information to personalize care
• Brit Phillips has access to genetic counselors and physicians who are on-call to help

If you are interested in a Saliva DNA DrugMap™ testing, contact Dr. Phillips today.