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Replacing Two or More Teeth

Two or more teeth affected

Replacing multiple teeth with dental implants and competing your smile can help build self confidence. Damaging or losing teeth is inconvenient, sometimes frightening, but always a traumatic experience. There may be numerous reasons for this happening, such as an accident, illness or insufficient care, but rest assured your dental Dr. Brit Phillips Fort Worth Implant Dentist has a solution for you.

More than a smile

Our teeth play an important role in our daily life. An attractive, natural-looking smile is seen as a symbol of beauty and health, and a set of functioning teeth lets us enjoy the foods we love. Our teeth help us feel confident at work, and they allow us to stay healthy and active as we age.

A significant impact

Unlike a single damaged or missing tooth, when two or more teeth are affected the negative results are compounded. If the missing or damaged teeth are side by side, our ability to eat and speak properly is often compromised.

You are not alone

More than half of the world’s population is missing one or more teeth. Thankfully, there are modern dental solutions that help you win back both your smile and quality of life, and finally make you feel whole again.


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