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replacing lost teeth

Why its’ important to replace a missing tooth
A single lost or damaged tooth can influence your daily life. Even though it may be at the back of your mouth and not visible from the outside, over time it can start affecting your appearance, self-esteem, your oral health and even your health in general. Learn more about what role each tooth has to play in your mouth, the consequences of tooth loss and when it is important to contact Dr. Phillips.

Four reasons to talk to Brit Phillips DDS Fort Worth about a lost tooth:

Unsure whether to see a doctor about your damaged or lost tooth? Here is a list of reasons to make an appointment. 

1. One or more teeth in your mouth are missing or are going to be pulled
A dental restoration at the right time can prevent further oral health complications that could affect remaining healthy teeth.

2. You’re avoiding certain foods, because they’re too difficult to eat
Getting your tooth replaced restores your full chewing function, so you can go back to enjoying the foods you love.

3. You’re suffering from headaches or migraines since you’ve lost one or more teeth
Missing teeth can often affect the positioning of your other healthy teeth, causing a misfit of the upper and lower jaws and stiffness in the muscle and joints.

4. Your facial silhouette has changed since you’ve lost one or more teeth
A lack of teeth can severely reduce density of jaw bone, because it is no longer stimulated when chewing. This leads to a shrinking jaw line which makes you look older than you really are.

If you can say yes to one or more of these reasons, call Brit Phillips DDS about modern dental restorations that will let you smile again.