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Replace Tooth with Dental Implants

dental implantsWith dental implants, you can replace one missing tooth with it looking and feeling as natural as the other teeth in your mouth. Dr. Phillips uses NobelBiocare dental implants to help you achieve the most desirable result.

Steps to Replace Tooth With Dental Implants

Beforehand – Dr. Phillips will examine you completely and take X-Rays to make sure you are a viable candidate.

Installing the implant – Once the implant is placed, a temporary tooth will be placed on top. This allows you to eat and behave as normal. The implant needs a few months to integrate with the jaw.

Fitting the new crown – The final step is placing the permanent ceramic crown. Now the new tooth is installed for life.

The beautiful result – The new tooth should fit and function just like a natural tooth. Continue your usual dental hygiene to keep both tooth and gum healthy.