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Unleash a whiter, healthy smile with Philips Zoom professional teeth whitening!

There are many reasons teeth become yellowed, brown, or gray. Tooth discoloration from drinking coffee and tea, or smoking. Medications, such as tetracycline, can also affect tooth color. Poorly done dental work can cause dark lines to appear near the gumline. Aging smiles tend to lose their brightness as well.

Thankfully, teeth whitening is a simple, relatively fast and minimally invasive procedure that can really enhance the beauty of your smile and provide a big boost in confidence.

Why Get whitening done at Mira Vista Smiles?

When you come to Mira Vista Smiles for teeth whitening, we take into account the current state of your teeth and whether there are any issues, such as cavities or gum disease, that require treatment prior to the procedure. Over-the-counter systems can only provide you with a generic, noncustom tray. Additionally, over-the-counter teeth whitening solutions are not regulated by the FDA and may not be as safe as those which your dentist provides.

Zoom!® In-house Whitening

Zoom! is the ideal solution for fast, professional results, It is proven safe and effective, and with proper aftercare, including occasional touch-ups, the results can last indefinitely. Brit Phillips DDS will go over the procedure with you beforehand and answer any questions.

The Zoom! procedure consists of four, 15-minute sessions. Protective covers will be placed over your gums and lips so that only your teeth will be exposed. Your teeth will then be prepared with a dental hydrogen peroxide gel that is activated by the special Zoom! light. In a total of one hour, you can have teeth that are eight shades lighter!

If you are interested in teeth whitening services, call Brit Phillips DDS Fort Worth at 817-361-1999.