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perfect-smile-for-your-weddingMeet Tiana – Bride and Invisalign Patient
Invisalign treatment is giving brides a confident smile by their wedding day. Tiana imagined a wedding day with a truly radiant smile, and that came true with the help of Invisalign treatment.

Get the smile you’ve always wanted for your big day. Invisalign® treatment uses a series of clear aligners to effectively straighten teeth.

Questions and answers with Tiana about her Invisalign treatment:

Q. Tell us about the venue and why it is special to you.

A. The event planner told us they’ve been marrying couples since 1927! The idea that many couples have had the luxury of dining in the place they were married 10, 20, 30+ years ago is so romantic to me. That is something I look forward to doing, and I plan to do so with a big smile on my face, thanks to my Invisalign treatment.

Q. Speaking of Invisalign treatment, how has it affected your planning?

A. With all the parties leading up to the wedding, I was concerned people would notice the aligners. But each time I would reveal my treatment, they were always shocked. I wore them at my engagement dinner, my bachelorette party—I even wore them during my engagement photo shoot!

Perfect Smile for Your Wedding
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