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Have you lost a tooth? Brit Phillips DDS Fort Worth can restore your smile!

One tooth affected

Some people are born missing an adult tooth only to be discovered years later. Other people may unfortunately lose a tooth. Damaging or losing a tooth is inconvenient, sometimes frightening, but always a traumatic experience. There may be numerous reasons for this happening, such as an accident, illness or insufficient care, but rest assured your dental provider has a solution for you.

More than a smile

Our teeth play an important role in our daily life. An attractive, natural-looking smile is seen as a symbol of vibrancy and health, and a set of functioning teeth lets us enjoy the foods we love. Our teeth help us feel confident at work, and they allow us to stay healthy and active as we age.

Unseen doesn’t mean unnecessary

Everyone wants an attractive, natural-looking smile. That’s why most people repair or replace a missing front tooth immediately. But when the tooth is in the back of the mouth, some may wish to delay taking care of it for a time more convenient. Unfortunately, all teeth play a significant role in our health, appearance, and daily life.

Effects of damaged or missing teeth

Teeth have a major impact in your daily life. They affect your general health, appearance and self-esteem. And every tooth plays an important role. In the back of the mouth, healthy teeth help you chew and grind food without problem while interacting with muscles and joints throughout the lower half of your face. In the front, teeth help you cut your food, support your lips, and of course can be an important part of your smile.

Effects on surrounding teeth
Missing even a single tooth has a tremendous effect on the remaining teeth, leaving them without support. Lacking this support, these adjacent teeth can begin to shift and eventually collapse into the vacant space. Additionally, teeth in the opposing jaw may no longer be stabilized and erupt into the space of the missing tooth. These factors can make it difficult or even impossible to eventually replace the missing tooth, requiring the removal of the teeth that have moved into the gap as well. The greater the number of teeth missing in your mouth, the more challenging it becomes to replace them.

Effects on jawbone and gums

Healthy teeth are part of a functioning system that includes your chewing musculature, supporting jaw structure, and gum tissue. Chewing against teeth provides stimulation to the outside of the jaw from the chewing muscles and to the inside of the jaw from the functioning of the tooth roots. When the interplay between your teeth, jaw structure, musculature and gum tissue is upset due to a lost tooth, this stimulation is reduced or removed. Accordingly, your jawbone starts shrinking and your gum tissue follows.

Effects on appearance

Missing teeth and shrinking bone can no longer support your lips from the inside. The more teeth you lose, the more your face will change and look older and wrinkly. Your cheeks and lips are left without the necessary support, becoming hollow and saggy.

Effects of doing nothing

With the help of modern dental restorations, your smile and chewing function can be restored, and your jawbone will be protected from shrinking. These restorations also help stabilize the neighboring teeth and your entire mouth remain healthier.

Not repairing a damaged tooth, or failing to replace a missing tooth, can start a chain reaction of consequences eventually resulting in avoiding certain foods you find difficult to bite or chew. Call Brit Phillips DDS Fort Worth dentist about the benefits of a dental implant or fill out the form below for more information.

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