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Invisalign Trained Doctor Fort Worth

Invisalign® treatment has truly changed lives. With Invisalign braces you can straighten your teeth and no one will even have to know! The second benefit is also a fairly obvious one. The Invisalign brace system is made with soft plastic trays which are much more comfortable for the mouth than traditional wire braces. And in general Invisalign take less time than braces to move teeth into the proper position due to the type of force this process uses.

Brit Phillips DDS is an Invisalign® trained dentist. Dr. Phillips has the expertise to help you get the smile you want.

See results that will inspire you to take your next step in Invisalign treatment. Watch the video and learn how Jenn finds balance in her busy life as a mom and business owner by making self-care a priority. Now her new smile is helping her shine more than ever.

Call Brit Phillips DDS if you or one of your family members is interested in learning more about Invisalign treatment.