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how can a dental implant help you

How a dental implant solution can help you

Diagnosis and treatment planning is easy
Dr. Phillips will first examine your dental situation carefully to decide if you meet prerequisites for dental implant treatment. It is essential that your gums and jaw bone are free from inflammation. If necessary, these conditions are treated prior to surgery.

During diagnosis, Brit Phillips DDS also evaluates what type of jaw bone you have and how much of it is left. After years of living with missing teeth, your jaw bone can sometimes be severely reduced. In this case, Dr. Phillips will discuss alternative procedures with you to make dental implant treatment possible.

Dr. Phillips may opt to use digital tools to plan your treatment by generating an exact 3D image of your mouth. This will help the dental team immensely during surgery, because it helps them find the best angle and depth for your implant.

Placing dental implants
Dental Implant placement usually is an outpatient procedure. Depending on the individual situation in your mouth, implants are placed in a one or multiple-step procedure.

Final restoration
After surgery, Dr. Phillips usually places a temporary restoration while the implant integrates with the jaw bone. The integration of implant and bone is called osseointegration (from Greek osteon, bone). Depending on your individual situation, it can take from a few weeks to a few months. In the meantime, Dr. Phillips will work with a dental laboratory to design and manufacture your final restoration.

Brit Phillips DDS uses Nobel Biocare implants. These dental implants are designed to maximize the opportunity for immediate function. This means, Dr. Phillips will often be able to place a temporary restoration already on the day of surgery, you can leave with a provisional set of fixed teeth and reduce the number of visits back to the dental office.

A number of conditions have to be fulfilled here. Call Brit Phillips DDS Fort Worth at 817-361-1999 to learn more about how implants could help you.