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Denture Repairs

There are two basic types of REPAIRS: simple repairs and repairs with impressions. Different fees apply to each type of repair. Brit Phillips DDS in Fort Worth Texas will need to see the denture to determine the extent of the repair required, or if the denture can be repaired. It may not be possible to repair an older denture that has experienced considerable wear.

Please do not try to repair the dentures yourself. This may result in the need for a new denture for which standard charges will apply. Also, note that you will need to be present in the office the day a repair is being performed on your dentures.

Denture repairs can usually be completed the same day.

Denture Relines

A denture reline refits the denture to the gums by way of a new impression. A reline may provide a solution to a loose-fitting denture.

The reline sometimes can be completed while you are in the treatment chair, but it often needs to be sent to the lab. Dr. Phillips will discuss with you the type of reline that will be most appropriate for your clinical needs.

Denture relines can usually be completed the same day.

Denture Adjustments

Denture adjustments help alleviate soreness due to high spots where the denture rests upon your gums. If your denture was not fabricated by Brit Phillips DDS, it may not be possible to adjust the denture. Dr. Phillips will need to examine the denture to determine what treatment can be provided.

Please remember an adjustment is not the solution to a loose-fitting denture. A reline is typically the best solution.