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Dr. Brit Phillips Review

What Our Patients Are Saying…

“Dr. Phillips and his lovely staff have changed my life. Having worn dentures for over 30 years, I intimately know the pain, mess, and frustration of ill-fitting dentures. Due to a genetic defect, from the day I was old enough to be self conscious, I was ashamed of my smile. Dentures helped somewhat, but when I smiled in the mirror they always screamed “fake” to me and I just knew as soon as I smiled, others knew that I wore dentures. I came to Dr. brit phillips reviewPhillips with many reservations, after all, I had already had more than one set of dentures throughout my life and they had all left me feeling unsatisfied and still self conscious about my smile. Well, that all changed when I met Dr. Phillips. Now when I smile in the mirror, I’m amazed at what I see, a beautiful natural smile. And, what’s even more wonderful than my smile, is my new ability to grab an apple and take a big bite of it with someone standing nearby and not worry about the embarrassment of not being able to complete the bite or, worse yet, that horrible “clacking” sound when your top denture pops down and smacks into the bottom one! I still can’t believe the differences you have made and I couldn’t possibly be happier, thank you Dr. Phillips and staff!”