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Your teeth or lack of teeth may be aging your face.

A lack of support can add years to your smile. Much more than just improving the smile, the structure and support of your teeth and jaw can improve the look of your face. A good foundation on the lower face is key in maintaining a youthful and sexier look while a “lack of support can cause a “caved in” look. “Our teeth are really the foundation of our face,” says Brit Phillips, DDS. “If the teeth are not supporting the lower face, the lip corners droop, the lips lose their contour and the cheekbones sag.” According to Dr. Phillips, the right dentures or implants can help create a cheekbone effect, restore facial symmetry and build out lip contour.

If you are experiencing tooth loss whether it’s just one tooth or all of your teeth, please call us to learn more about dentures and implants. Dr. Phillips can make a recommendation on which would best fit your mouth and your budget. If you have any questions about dentures or implants, you can also contact us using the form below.

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