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Denture Wearers Common Problems

Moving or slipping dentures:

Shrinking the of jaw bone and loss of surrounding gum tissues can cause dentures to become misaligned after a time. Even the best fitting dentures will likely become ill-fitted after awhile even with the best of care. Proper care and regular dental visits can prolong the life of your dentures and lessen the need for realignment or replacement and prolong the life of your dentures.

Difficulty chewing certain foods:

Certain foods may always be hard to chew for denture wearers. Smaller food items such as rice and sesame seeds can get lodged underneath the best fitting dentures easily. Ill fitting dentures are much more susceptible to these kinds of problems. Small food particles can easily get in between the denture and gums or roof of the mouth causing irritation and sometimes sharp pain if the offending item is hard or sharp in any way. Avoiding certain foods might not always be an option for some people so good denture care is almost always the best option.

Wear and tear:

The material that makes up dentures is not as strong nor as long lasting as natural teeth, meaning that replacement is likely inevitable over time. Refitting them as needed is a very effective way to preserve the longevity of your dentures.

Good hygiene and regular cleaning with a soft bristle brush and a cleaner made for dentures will go a long way towards helping to make your dentures last longer as well. Avoid brushing with toothpastes as they are more abrasive and will and to the wear and tear of them over time. Storing dentures submerged in water or a cleaning solution will keep them form drying out and potentially warping as well.