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Sedation Dentistry – Pain Free Care

sedation dentistrySleep Dentistry in Fort Worth

Dr. Phillips and his team of caring dental professionals are trained in the latest techniques in virtually “pain-free” care. Relax in a soothing environment during treatment.

Once you’ve experienced sleep dentistry with Dr. Phillips, you’ll never be afraid to go to the dentist again. You’ll be safely sedated just enough to be unaware of the treatment, as if you were relaxing. You’ll wake up refreshed, with little or no memory of what was accomplished. Because you are completely comfortable, Dr. Phillips can do years of dental treatments in as little as one or two visits. How does it Work?

How does it Work?
We offer nitrous oxide (commonly known as laughing gas), IV sedation, and oral sedation. For oral sedation, Dr. Phillips will give you a small pill to take an hour prior to your dental appointment. Your companion will accompany you to the office. By the time you arrive, you will be very drowsy. When you arrive in our office, you will be escorted into your room, covered with a thick, warm blanket and placed on a monitor to watch your vital signs. After you are comfortable, Dr. Phillips and the experienced clinical team at Mira Vista Smiles will take care of your dental needs. When your sleep dentistry treatment is completed, your companion will return you to your home. You may be interested in Invisalign.