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Denture Facial Rejuvenation

denture facial rejuvenationMissing and worn teeth can make the whole face age.

The lack of tension on the skin from where teeth should be results in the jawline loosening, chin falling, cheeks flattening, and wrinkles appearing around the eyes and forehead. Literally when a patient has missing and/or worn teeth, the skin loosens on the entire face.

What can a Denture Facial Rejuvenation do?

A denture works by replacing missing and worn teeth. This builds the muscles in the face back up and tightens the skin. Denture facelifts are a true alternative to cosmetic surgery achieving real results and making you look dramatically younger. Compared to cosmetic facelift surgery, Denture Facial Rejuvenation is based on dental techniques. There is no surgery risk involved and the process is as simple as going to the dentist for a routine cleaning.

Cosmetic surgeons think of the face in terms of a triangle. In youth the base of the triangle is at the cheeks and the point is at the chin. As we get older the triangle reverses and the formation of the jowls means that the base of the triangle is now at the chin and the tip goes upwards towards the nose. Up until now cosmetic surgery was the only answer to reverse the triangle. But after a short time the soft tissues would sag again.

The newest solution to reverse the triangle is the Denture Facial Rejuvenation. This dental procedure truly is reversing facial aging. To learn more about Denture Facial Rejuvenation, contact local dentist Dr. Brit Phillips.