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dental implants fort worth texas

Dental implant placement is one of the most successful restorative techniques used to replace missing, broken, or damaged teeth. They have become an attractive option for patients to consider because they look, feel, and act like natural, healthy teeth. And, when cared for properly, dental implants can last a lifetime.

The first step in the restoration process is to see Dr. Brit Phillips for an initial consultation. During this appointment, we will present you with all your options for tooth replacement, including dental implants, and assist you in making the best decision to meet your oral health goals. We will complete a thorough oral examination and X-ray evaluation of the missing tooth site to develop a personalized treatment plan for your procedure.

In some circumstances, patients require additional procedures, such as tooth extraction or bone grafting, to prepare the mouth for dental implant placement. When this is the case, patients sometimes require a separate procedure before placing the dental implant. During the first surgical procedure, the oral surgeon places the dental implant post into the missing tooth socket. We offer a broad range of sedation options to make patients feel comfortable throughout this surgery.

During the healing period, the dental implant post integrates with the jaw bone, creating a sturdy base for the rest of the restoration. This allows patients to function as though they have natural teeth, chewing tough foods like steak, biting into apples, and cleaning their teeth with routine dental hygiene habits. When the dental implants have integrated with the bone fully, the restorative dentist will fabricate the final crown, place it in the mouth, and secure it to the post using the abutment.

With proper care, dental implant patients do not need to have future procedures or investments to replace their implants, unlike other restorative options. By investing in dental implants early, patients can enjoy cost savings over time and enjoy all the rewards of a beautiful new smile.

If you are interested in dental implants, we encourage you to schedule an appointment with Brit Phillips DDS at our office in Fort Worth, Texas. We look forward to helping you regain confidence and restoring your smile at Mira Vista Smiles!