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dental implants ft worth texas
Dental implants Ft Worth Texas
Dental implants are widely considered to be the most successful method of tooth replacement used today, because they provide patients with a number of benefits over other solutions. A dental implant functions as the root of a new tooth. Made out of titanium, only a few millimeters long, and carefully engineered, this small screw is placed in your jawbone and serves as the foundation for your new tooth. Advances in biomaterials and computerized production can provide you with an individually customized high strength restoration designed to provide long term function and fulfill your appearance expectations.

The use of dental implants dates back further than you might imagine. It is believed that the Mayans placed the first dental implant more than 1300 years ago. They used seashells to restore missing teeth in a woman. Archaeological evidence has also been found demonstrating that Egyptians also used seashells as well as ivory to replace missing teeth.

Modern dental implants can trace their origin to 1952 and a chance discovery by Swedish Professor Per-Ingvar Brånemark. During his research, Prof. Brånemark discovered that titanium, under carefully controlled conditions, would structurally integrate into the jawbone, allowing it to be used as anchors for artificial teeth, functioning similarly to natural teeth roots.

In 1965, Mr. Gösta Larsson became the first human recipient of titanium dental implants. Using a very cautious method to ensure the greatest possible degree of respect to living bone tissue, Prof. Brånemark inserted a set of titanium implants that Mr. Larsson would have function for the rest of his life.

Nobel Biocare was founded upon the discoveries and research of Dr. Brånemark, and has maintained its position as the world leader in dental implant research, documentation and solutions.

Treatment with dental implants is a surgical procedure and requires prior evaluation by Brit Phillips DDS Fort Worth Dentist. Dr. Phillips will make sure your dental and general health permits dental implant treatment. If you have any questions about dental implants, use the form below or call us at 817-361-1999.

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