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Dazzling Smile Tips for Brides

Want to make your natural smile more dazzling for your special wedding day?

We are giving you some expert tips from leading cosmetic dentist Brit Phillips DDS. Whether you would like straighter teeth, whiter teeth, or a whole smile makeover, here are steps to take before your big day to help achieve that stunning smile.

When to do it: For in-office options you can schedule this a few days before your wedding; for at-home, it’s best to start the routine two to three weeks before your wedding.


What to do: Invisalign makes an enormous difference in transforming a bride’s smile while having minimal impact on her hectic schedule. After the initial fitting in our office, you’ll get removable “aligners” which are invisible trays that fit over your teeth to guide them into place. You’ll pop into our office every two weeks for about six months to swap them out.

When to do it: Start at least 6 months before your wedding for traditional Invisalign; 10 weeks out for the Invisalign express version which is available for those patients who need only minor adjustments.


What to do: Make an appointment for a regular cleaning, says Fort Worth cosmetic dentist Brit Phillips: “Air abrasion, polishing, and hand instruments can make a big difference in stains.” Then try our professional whitening services to get your teeth several shades lighter. You can also try at-home kits — slower but very effective — like Crest Whitestrips (from $35 – $65 available at most pharmacies.)


What to do: Veneers are the best way to get a complete smile makeover quickly. These wafer-thin layers of porcelain are bonded to your teeth to change their shape, color, and alignment dramatically. They’re a financial investment, but they last up to 20 years, says Dr. Brit Phillips.

When to do it:  Veneers are a relatively quick process requiring approximately three office visits over a two week period.

Call our office and learn more about making your smile as special as your wedding day – Top Dentist Brit Phillips DDS 817-361-1999.