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cosmetic dentistry is boomingCosmetic dentistry takes the concept of dental health to the next level when feeling good merges with looking good to create an overall sense of well-being.

There are many theories on why cosmetic dentistry is booming, one of them being the strong Hollywood influence in our lives. Other schools of thought also attribute it to increasing awareness of medical advancements, along with conscious decisions to improve looks to enhance self-esteem. Whatever the reason, the focus is chiefly on image and appearance, while regular dentistry still focuses more on overall dental health, including oral hygiene, diagnosis and treatment.

As more and more people are focused on a perfectly aligned smile, the rise in demand for dental devices to enable this perfect smile has also been set in motion.

Various cosmetic dentistry procedures include removing teeth stains, professional teeth whitening, reshaping teeth, filling gaps and cracks, placing crowns, veneers, bridges, dentures, dental implants and oral restorations through dental fillings. Key components include:

  • Porcelain veneers — These can take care of cracks, chips and gaps, hide stains and discoloration, permanently whiten teeth, and straighten a smile without invasive procedures. Veneers are getting more and more advanced every day. They are strong and damage resistant which makes it easy to maintain dental hygiene. Some of these are ready to fit veneers, while some are customized to perfectly complement the shape of your face and smile.
  • Porcelain crowns — These offer permanent prosthetic caps to cover damaged teeth. They not only straighten severely damaged teeth but also prevent them from further decay. It can improve the tooth’s function as well as your smile in one go. Advanced technologies have made it possible to get these restorations done and enhance the appearance in a single session instead of the weeks it used to take even a few years ago.

As the science and technology of cosmetic dentistry keeps improving, new procedures are constantly being developed which are safer and more reliable, more efficient as well as cost effective.

If you have any desires to improve your teeth, your smile or overall dental health, call Brit Phillips DDS and ask how our cosmetic dentistry services can help you!