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what is causing your tooth problemsYou’ve lost a tooth? Learn more about possible causes of your tooth problems. Dr. Phillips also shares tips on how to avoid these types of problems in the future.

Your tooth died
Plaque is a biofilm that forms on your teeth. If it’s not washed away by saliva or regularly brushed away with a toothbrush, it can lead to tooth decay. Bacteria transforms sugar and starch into acids. These acids have a negative effect on the tooth enamel by dissolving the minerals that harden it. With time, this can destroy your teeth by creating holes. If not treated properly, your tooth can die.

Inflammation of the gums
Your gums are inflamed. Your gums are made up of tissue and ligaments that keep your teeth stable. They work as protective shields for your tooth roots and stimulate your jaw bone to grow around the tooth. When bacteria cause an inflammation of the gums, these ligaments start vanishing. The gum pulls back and the bone around the tooth reduces.

These gum diseases, also called periodontal diseases, loosen your teeth and expose the sensitive tooth roots. Now it’s an easy job for bacteria to form on your teeth and cause tooth-root decay and tooth loss.

Tooth loss after an accident
You had an accident. Accidents, for example in sports, can lead to the loss of one or more teeth and cause trauma to your gums and jaw bone. Often trauma only becomes apparent months or years after the accident, when it has already impacted the tooth root.

It’s genetic
Some people are born with a reduced number of teeth or no teeth at all (an illness called congenital anodontia), others never develop their permanent adult teeth. Sometimes the surface of your tooth (enamel) isn’t strong enough, which can create cone or peg-shaped teeth (ectodermal dysplasia).

If you have experienced tooth loss, find out how dental implants can replace a missing or severely damaged tooth. Dental implants can bring back full function as well as a natural look and feel. Call Fort Worth Texas dentist Brit Phillip DDS 817-361-1999 if you are missing teeth and want to learn more about available options to restore them.

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