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better than dentures

Dear removable denture wearers, there is a well proven, scientifically validated, bone-anchored alternative to the countless social, emotional and even nutritional disappointments you’ve faced since losing your teeth.

FACT: Conventional dentures (even with an adhesive) generally restore only 10% of chewing function, while a bone-anchored prosthesis restores 60–80% in similar evaluations.

What about facial structure? Removable dentures do provide some support for the lip and cheeks, of course, but implant-based prosthetics provide even greater, more natural-looking support.

Then there is the issue of resorption. Denture use may actually accelerate the shrinkage of jaw bone, while load-bearing implants prevent resorption. Removable denture wearers often complain of chronic problems due to bad fit. For understandable reasons, implant patients rarely do. Add to these comparisons the fact that patients with implant-supported prostheses never need adhesives or a denture relining, and it’s easy to understand the attraction of the bone-anchored alternative.

So here’s the message, we’d like to deliver: A dental implant mimics the root of a tooth. A fixed solution will feel like your own teeth, oral hygiene will require a few new skills and take some practice— and treatment is possible in most cases—and we’re sure you’ll find the response gratifying.

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