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bad-dental-experience-helpWhile the image might be comical, it’s no laughing matter when you have a bad dental experience. It is sad to say, but we do get patients in our office who have received substandard dental treatment. There are entire websites dedicated to patients sharing their horror stories related to bad dental experiences. If you’ve spent too much time, money, and effort trying to repair your failing dentistry, it’s probably time to find a better, more experienced dental office.  If you have received poor dental care and now have a fear of dentists, we hope to change your mind. That’s where Dr. Phillips comes in because he is, according to his patient reviews, a kind and competent dentist.

We recently had a new patient who had an 18 year old dental implant that was originally put in crooked by her dentist. Check out the image of her x-ray below that was taken upon her initial visit. She kindly allowed us to share her story.

bad dental experience we can help

Not all dentists are bad dentists, but not all dentists are created equally. We can redeem your opinion if you have been unfortunate enough to experience a bad dental treatment. Below you can see the new implant that Dr. Phillips implemented.

bad dental experience? we can help!

Brit Phillips DDS Fort Worth dentist is here to help if you’ve had a less than favorable dental experience. You can take it straight from his patient’s mouths, pardon the pun. You’ll find his reviews to be stellar. Please call our office at 817-361-1999 if we can help you in any way!