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Anti-Aging Dentistry

anti-aging dentistryDr. Brit Phillips specializes in Anti-Aging Dentistry. When Dr. Phillips does an Anti-Aging dental consultation, he looks at every aspect of your face, not simply your bite or the color of your teeth. Changing the shape, size or depth or your teeth with implants, crowns, and veneers can smooth your jaw line and wrinkles around your mouth and make your lips appear fuller, or balance the appearance of your smile without cosmetic surgery.

The beautiful, youthful smiles we used to have can sometimes be restored with just a few visits using only veneers.

Enjoy Eating Again

Enjoying a great meal is part of a joyful life. You shouldn’t have to give up the healthy foods you love because of your teeth. Dentures and dental implants can put the healthy foods back on your plate!

Dental Implant Advantage

Aging is a natural process, but no one wants to look older than necessary. Missing teeth cause you to look older. Dental implants prevent the bone loss that naturally follows the loss of teeth.

Anti-Aging Dentistry is a way to actually change the facial features through changing the teeth. Meet with Dr. Brit Phillips for a free consultation on how this process can make you look younger. By tweaking a few aspects of the patient’s teeth, Dr. Phillips gives them fuller lips and less sagging skin which creates a more youthful appearance. Contact Dr. Phillips to schedule your Anti-Aging Dentistry appointment.